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Roasted and Salted Bulk Soy Nuts by CHS (10 lbs)

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Roasted and Salted Bulk Soy Nuts by CHS (10 lbs)


Roasted and Salted Bulk Soy Nuts by CHS
10 Bulk Case of Roasted and Salted Soy Nuts

Our Roasted and Salted Soy Nuts are a healthy, slightly salty snack.
Use them to make your own trail mix or add them atop any salad.
These nuts come in a 10 lb case.

Brand: CHS
Weight: 10 lbs.
Dimensions: 16.7in X 28.6in X 4.6in
Gluten Free: NO
Kosher: NO
Organic: NO 
Packaging: Bag inside a box 

These typically leave our warehouse within 24-48 hours

Soybeans, Vegetable Oil (cottonseed oil and/or sunflower oil) and Salt. **Contains: Soy Ingredients.

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