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Sqwishland Squishies

  • Vending Supplies

    Sqwishland Vending Machine Triple-Head


    Sqwishland Vending Machine Triple-Head Package Offers the complete series of one-inch Sqwishland toy capsules in one setup. Have happy customers! Offer them a choice of all 6 designs in the Sqwishland Series. Package value $554 for only $479. Sell...

Sqwishland Vending Machine Squishies - Find all your favorite sqwishland vending capsules right here at The Sqwishland series are the best selling toy capsules EVER! We carry the full line of sqwishland squishies including Jungle Mania Vending Capsules, Pet Friends, Pet Friends 2 Squishy friends, Sea Mania, Sea Mania 2, and Giant Sea Mania Pencil Topper squishies. Each bulk bag of mania items have at least 20 rare designs included (see each product description for details). Also be sure to check out our other Squishy Pencil Toppers below.

Originally branded as Seamania, the Sqwishland Series has been one of the best selling vending toys for 10 years! Packaged in a heat-sealed and perfectly round capsule, these capsules are perfect for any 1 inch gumball machine and will even roll down our spiral gumball machines with no modifications. Each capsule contains a game code.

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