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Uphill Battle Gumball Game

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Uphill Battle Gumball Game


Uphill Battle Gumball Game


Uphill Battle Gumball Machine Game
Challenging and fun game to test your skill. Get the gumball up to the top of the hill and you get an instant prize!

To play the game take the ball and move against gravity by moving it up the play field back and forth. This challenging game has players competing again and again to get the ball to the top and win their prize.


Machine Details

  • Large capsule grand prize
  • Secondary prize
  • Electronic bill & coin collector
  • Lights, music & sound effects
  • Attract mode
  • Product display shelf
  • Winner Every Time option
  • 50¢ play
  • Cabinet: Metal
  • Globe: Lexan
  • Capacity: 1700+ 1-inch gumballs (2.54 cm)


Reported ROI (Return on Investment) $156 Weekly!

Machine Specifications
Width: 27.5" (69.85 cm)
Depth: 29.5" (74.93 cm)
Height: 80" (203.2 cm)
Weight: 275 lbs. (102.64kg)

Made in USA. Comes with Owners Manual complete with operating instructions and diagrams. Replacement parts and tech support readily available. Lifetime Warranty on Beaver coin mechanism against manufacturer defects under normal working conditions and ordinary wear and tear.

Looking for empty capsules to fill your machine? You can find 4" Empty Round Capsules here!

Proven success in Family Entertainment Centers, Bowling Alleys, Pizza Shops, Sports Bars, Bar & Grills, Arcades, Water Parks, Movie Theaters, Amusement Parks, Skating Rinks, Sports Arenas, Family Restaurants, Campgrounds, Laundromats, Travel Stations, Big Box Retailers, Golf/Mini Golf Courses, Zoos, Traditional and Non-traditional Crane Locations and many more, just to name a few!

For multiple machine discounts or wholesale inquiries, please contact us.

Gumballs, Jawbreakers, Candy, Super Bouncy Balls and Redemption Prizes sold separately

  • Awesome machine!

    Posted by Ryan Bennion on Nov 17, 2009

    I own one of these in my arcade and it has been a great addition. I've noticed throughout the day it has steady customers on it.

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