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New vs Used Candy Machine

New vs Used Candy Machine

Before you purchase a used a candy machine, be sure you understand the the true cost of a used machine. Picking up a cheap used machine at a garage sale may sound like a fantastic deal, but often times that is not the case. We get calls everyday from people who purchased a used machine and realized afterwards that it is missing a part, the key doesn't work, or they find out it is a broken machine. If it's a machine we sell, many times we can help them get their used machine up and running with a new part or replacement lock and keys. However, there are times when someone purchases a used candy machine and there are no longer parts available for that particular machine. Either way, the true cost of a used vending machine is often times more than buying brand new with a full warranty from us. Before purchasing a used, be sure to check the following:

Understand the True Cost of a Used Candy Machine:

1) Is the machine still in production? (be sure to confirm brand markings, model numbers, etc.) Just because it looks the same does not mean it is the same machine.
2) Are replacement parts still available?
3) Understand the cost of replacement parts.
4) Test the machine with the items you plan to vend. Does the mechanism function? Does it have the correct vending wheel? Does it include locks and keys that function properly?
5) Warranty -- offers an exclusive extended warranty on all bulk candy machines we sell*

*See individual product records for details.