PUBLISHED: Friday, December 1, 2017 by Amy Marshall

See our Vending Machine Factory! As a leading manufacturer of vending machines, gumball machines, toy vending machine, and candy machine, you're buying factory direct! Our factory direct pricing is only possible because we manufacture many of the machines we sell. was launched in 1998 at the dawn of the internet and has become the leading manufacture and distributor of all things vending! We have two overseas factories that produce machines to our specifications to help keep prices low. Just because it looks similar, doesn't mean it's the same quality. Many imported machines use cheap alloys and plastic parts that won't last. At, we use only top-quality alloys and metal components so your machine will last for years to come. All of our machines are backed by an industry-leading warranty and we keep regular stock of parts for all the machines we offer.

Vending Machine Factory

Factory Direct Deals!

Giant Electronic Gumball Machine
Price: $3695.00 3495.00 ends 3/31/2021
Red Mini Crane Claw Vending Machine
Price: $1099.00 849.85 ends 3/30/2021
Triple Canister Vending Machine
(18 reviews)
Price: $179.85 158.85 ends 3/24/2021
Gumball Machine Starter Set
Price: $94.00 89.90 ends 3/20/2021
5' Spiral Gumball Machine - SPECIAL OFFER
Price: $599.00 519.85 ends 2/28/2021
Vending Machine Gumball and Candy Starter Pack
(3 reviews)
Price: $29.00 15.00 ends 1/31/2021
Sani-Center Vending Machine
(1 review)
Price: $4300.00 3799.00 ends 12/1/2020
Sani-Center Plus Vending Machine
Price: $5400.00 4990.00 ends 11/28/2020
Blue Mini Crane Claw Vending Machine
Price: $1099.00 849.85 ends 10/31/2020
Cashless Mini Crane Claw Vending Machine
Price: $1399.00 1149.85 ends 10/31/2020
Nayax VPOS Cashless Credit Card  Reader w/ AMIT
Price: $329.00 279.85 ends 8/31/2020