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  • Seaga

    Seaga SM23 Snack and Soda Combo Machine


    Seaga SM23 Combo Machine - Seaga Snack MartHolds 168 snacks and 85 drinks (EXCLUSIVE: Free upgrade to 7 Drink Selections!) New Upgraded SM23 (Silver or Black) Drink Configuration:  Lane 1 – 12 oz. Can - Example SpriteLane 2 – 12 oz. Can...

  • Seaga

    Seaga Infinity INF5S Snack Vending Machine


    Seaga Infinity INF5S Snack Machine Updated ADA Compliant INF5S Infinity Series The Seaga Infinity INF5S 5-Wide Snack Vending Machine holds a total of 547 Snacks. It features a Braille equipped keypad as well as a large, easy-to read...

  • Seaga

    Seaga Infinity INF5B Soda Vending Machine


    Seaga Infinity INF5B Soda Machine Updated ADA Compliant INF5S Infinity Series Seaga Infinity INF5B 8-Wide Beverage Vending Machine holds a total of 240 bottles and cans. With a large beverage capacity, it is the perfect machine for high...

  • American Changer and Triad

    AC502 Pre-Valued Card Dispenser


    AC502 Pre-Valued Card Dispenser - Dual Bins This Pre-Valued Card Dispenser is ideal for small vending and amusement locations. It vends 30mm cards.  It has a 260-card capacity in two bins, and is designed for use where $1, $5, $10 and $20 dollar...

  • MC520RL-DA Standard Dual Bill Change Machine


    MC520RL-DA Bill-to-Change Machine2 Hoppers/2 Bill Acceptor/Rear Load The MC520RL-DA is different in design from the MC500RL-DA - because it has one coin cup. All coins and/or tokens are dispensed into the same coin cup. It is a great machine that can be...

  • Triad 400RL Dual Rear Load Change Machine


    Triad 400RL Dual Rear Load Change MachineThis economical rear load changer is ideal for smaller vending and amusement locations. It will accept cash bills and change them into quarters and can also be modified to dispense tokens upon request...

  • American Changer and Triad

    AC2221 Side by Side Dual Bill Changer - Rear Load Change Dispenser


    Side by Side Dual Bill Changer - Rear Load Change Dispenser This model features 2 Rear Load Bill Changers mounted to appear as one unit. Enjoy security and reliability while offering convenience to your customers. If one machine breaks down, the other...

  • MC535RL Standard Change Credit Card Token Vending Machine


    MC535RL Credit Card Token Vending Machine2 Hoppers/1 Bill Acceptor/Rear Load The MC535RL accepts either cash or credit card payments in order to dispense tokens. It is a great machine that can be used in commercial coin laundries or car washes for use...

Vending by Industry makes it easy to find the best machine for your business or industry. Whether you own a Pediatric Dental office with a token rewards system, restaurant, car wash, pizza shop, amusement, or even just shopping for a machine for your business, we're sure to have a machine that fits your needs. We have a full line of Token Machines, Change Machines, Soda, Snack, Candy, and Gumball Machines.

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