At, we offer many different gumball sizes to choose from. In general, our commercial vending machines come from the factory ready dispense 1 inch (850 count case) gumballs. However, many of our vending route operators opt for the slightly smaller 15/16" (1080 count case) gumballs which tend to be slightly cheaper per gumball.

All of our commercial gumball vending machines will vend our 1 inch 850 count gumballs or our 15/16" 1080 count gumballs out of the box without any additional adjustments. If you plan to vend gumballs smaller than 15/16, please call us at 800-853-3941 to discuss your options.

If you're looking for gumballs for your home gumball bank or dispenser, please see our 1/2" gumballs.

Gumball Size Reference Chart
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