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Yellow Candy

  • Yellow Butter Mints Prepackaged Candy (6 lbs)


    Yellow Butter Mints Prepackaged Candy (6 lbs)12 / 9oz Bags per caseYellow Butter Mints are the perfect after dinner treat. Each mint is smooth and creamy with just enough mint to give your mouth a refreshing feel. Our prepackaged candies...

  • Lemon Drops Prepackaged Candy (10 lbs)


    Lemon Drops Prepackaged Candy (10 lbs)12 / 14oz Bags per caseOur Lemon Drops are a mouthwatering treat. Each piece of candy offers just the right amount of citrus and is then dusted with fine sugar. Our prepackaged candies are ideal...

  • Ford/Carousel

    Solid Yellow Gumballs (1-inch /850 ct)


    1" Solid Yellow Gumballs - 850 ct.Bubble Gum Balls for Commercial Vending Machines   Just Yellow for customizing your gumball mixes or candy buffets. Think sunshine, summer, bumblebee, Steelers, and other things that yellow reminds you of. Try...

  • Oak Leaf Gumballs and Candy

    Yellow Gumballs with Smiley (1-inch /850 ct)


    Smiley Vending Gumballs A lemon flavored smiley face gum ball This gumball is bright, full of life, and is made to vend in 1 inch gum ball machines. It is sure to put a smile on your face at any time or place. Its illuminated shine makes this bubble gum...

  • Oak Leaf Gumballs and Candy

    Smiley Face Gumballs (1-inch /850 ct)


    Smiley Face Gumballs A gumball that always has a smile! These appetizing lemon flavored gumballs are sure to put a smile on your face when you're feeling blue! The yellow coat has a brilliant luster finish and black smiling faces. These happy bubble gum...

You don't need an excuse to serve up smiles. Just have some of these bright colored candies around and you'll see they bring happiness, much like a summer's day.

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