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AMS Vending Machine Service Procedure for Refrigeration Units

New Service Procedure for Refrigeration Units Service Update 74

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Beginning on January 1, 2017 AMS will introduce a new service feature for refrigeration units. Our goal is to exceed our own refrigeration standards, already regarded as superior within the industry.

The new procedure will involve a rigorous real-life test that will determine more accurately the cause of failure, or if the unit caused the service issue to begin with. We strongly encourage contacting an AMS service representative from the machine displaying refrigeration inadequacies as the first step in this process. Our service representative will go through a number of checks and, if deemed necessary, authorize a return with an RMA number. When the unit is returned with an RMA number and serial number, credit will be issued as per usual. The unit will then enter into the testing procedure, which will conclude with a written report on the cause of failure.

This report will be used as an informational tool to prevent future failures by honing our own practices, reaching out to suppliers about faulty components and emphasizing field service techniques for better diagnostics in the field. As mentioned, the testing procedure will allow us to determine if the unit was the cause of the field service issue and whether it should have been returned for credit. Thus, any unit returned without authorization by a representative of AMS, or designee, resulting in the test proving the unit is functioning correctly, will void the warranty. If a replacement unit was already sent out you will be invoiced for the replacement unit and be responsible for disposition of the returned unit.

This feature will provide insight into improving our industry-renowned reliability, reduce supplier missteps and offer a more efficient approach to servicing AMS equipment.