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    AMS Slim Gem Snack Vending Machine


    AMS Slim Gem Snack Vending MachineFeaturing 24 Selections with Snacks and Candy The AMS Slim Gem Snack Machine features 24 selections so you can vend a wide variety of items with a super small footprint. Selection breakdown: 9 selections of wide snacks...

Find the LOWEST prices on AMS Vending Machines with Cashless Vending Options. Shop by Model: AMS35, AMS39, AMS Outsider, and more. Low Price Guarantee.

Do AMS Vending Machines have Cashless Vending Options?

All of our AMS Vending Machines are setup to be a cashless vending solution with a Nayax Touch Credit Card Reader from the factory. Cashless vending removes cash (coins and bills) and accepts payments via credit card or mobile payments with Apple pay or other NFC mobile payments. Coins and bills are optional for all AMS Vending Machines.

Where can I Purchase an Outdoor Vending Machine?

The AMS Outsider is one of the only outdoor rated machines and are fully customizable. Outdoor vending machines have thicker cabinets and feature triple-pane heated glass protected by a layer of durable polyurethane to keep the heat and cold out and regulate the temperature inside the machine. For some extreme climates, additional heating and cooling options are available.

Are your AMS Machines New and what is the Warranty?

All our AMS Vending Machines are brand new and made in the USA. Each machine features a 3-year warranty on all electronics and its 1/2 plus HP sealed refrigeration system (if refrigerated). All other parts feature an 1-year warranty with the exception of fluorescent light bulbs, glass, and paint finish. Most parts are interchangeable with most other AMS vendors.

Can I Customize an AMS Vending Machine?

Yes, AMS Vending Machines can be customize with little or no additional cost at our factory. In order to help facilitate the process and create a custom planogram for your items, we ask that you send us samples of the items you plan on vending. All samples will be returned to you with the vending machine or separately if you decide not to proceed with the project. Notable custom vending machines: Eyelashes, Hair Extensions, Makeup, Phone Chargers, Electronics, and Food Items. Please contact us at 800-853-3941 to get started with customizing an AMS vending machine today!


Do you sell used AMS Vending Machines?

No, we only sell brand new AMS vending machines with a full manufacture warranty. All new AMS vendors are covered by an industry-leading fully factory warranty.


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