• Nayax VPOS Touch Cashless Credit Card  Reader
  • Nayax VPOS Touch Cashless Credit Card  Reader
  • Nayax VPOS Touch Cashless Credit Card  Reader

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Our Price: 399.99 $349.85 ends 11/30/2020
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Nayax VPOS Touch Cashless Credit Card  Reader
A cashless payment solution

VPOS Touch is they Nayax all-in-one solution for cashless payments and integrated telemetry. Now create marketing and sales opportunities that can bring great consumer engagement for improved upsell and increased revenue. Consumers can experience the personal touch of their neighborhood store combined, with the convenience of a 24/7 unattended, automated operation.

The VPOS Touch offers an attractive looking unit with a high-resolution color touchscreen, to engage consumers. The screen features gorilla glass, which is sturdy and safeguards the device from vandalism. Seamlessly integrated with telemetry, cashless clearance, monitoring, management, and BI. VPOS Touch monitors machines in real-time with continuously updated information on all aspects of the operation including inventory, cash monitoring, alerts, and reports. Whether the wi-fi or cellular network is stronger wherever your machines are located, machines can be monitored, with transactions and data always being transmitted in real-time. With the inclusion of LTE and 4G, your business is always protected, allowing operators to maintain a continuous connection to their machines, regarding all aspects of their operations.

Fees for Nayax Credit Card Readers:

First, select one of the two monthly service fees based on your needs:

  • $7.95 Monthly (cashless only - allows for credit card sales and use of database to track all sales)
  • $9.99 (remote and cashless - allows for credit card sales and use of database to track inventory  and all sales)
Next, determine your average transaction value to determine which rate plan best fits your needs:
  • 5.95% Transaction fee (blended rate - recommended for vend value of $5 or less)
  • 2.5% + 10 cents per transaction (recommended for vend value over $5)

*All new Nayax accounts will have a one-time activation fee of $30  per device. You have the option upon ordering to select a reader with the Verizon or AT&T Chip. The default connection for a Nayax is cellular with either the Verizon or AT&T data networks. The cost of this plan is included with your Nayax monthly service fee. You do not have to setup an account with Verizon or AT&T to activate Nayax devices. 


  • Accept debit and credit cards (swipe, contact, contactless, EMV chip cards
  • Mobile and NFC Payments (Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Interac, Swish, Twint, Paytm)
  • Prepaid Cards and closed environments
  • Static and dynamic QR codes, including Alipay and WeChat Pay (where available)
  • Gorilla Glass Color touchscreen 
  • Cashless and touchless payment options
  • Plug and play (pulse and MDB)
  • Voice interaction
  • Secure and 27/7 Connectivity
  • Remote Vending
  • Instant Refunds
  • Technician mode
  • Multivend
  • Anti-Fraud thresholds
  • MDB/Pulse/VCCS/ccTalk protocols
  • GSM/GPRS/CDMA/Ethernet
  • PayPass, Visa payWave, and PCI DSS

Requires a Nayax Merchant Account.


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