Tractor Time Crane Machine - Click Here To Buy!

Tractor Time Crane Machine - Click Here To Buy!

Once they’ve tried it I’ve found that the Tractor Time Crane machine brings out the kid in everyone. I have one of these machines in an amusement park and another in an arcade and make loads of money.

The roar of the tractor as it rotates gets the adrenalin going in kids and adults, and it’s easy to operate. When they see the prize they want all they do is press the bright green button so the tractor can lower its excavator arm into the pile of prizes. The arm reaches for the prize and swings it over to the chute and then releases it.

I keep changing the prizes for the machine and I get them from the same place that I got all my machines, from , at great prices. I’ve put Plush and Beanie toys, balls, capsules and candy in all my machines and haven’t hit a bad prize yet.

Besides making money the other things I like about the machines are that they are made in the United States and if I need replacement parts they are easy to get. Also the machines are made of solid steel and the control settings are changeable from 50 cents up to $1.00.

Another successful machine for me is the Captain Claw Pirate Crane Machines. Instead of an excavator this machine has a claw that grabs for the treasures, in this case Plush toys. This machine is also made in the U.S. and comes in a melamine cabinet. It has been very successful in bowling alleys and supermarkets.

I really, really like the fact that these machines are built in the USA. If I ever have a problem (which is rare by the way) or a question I can easily call and get immediate help and support.  It gives me peace of mind and most important it keeps my down time very minimal, which means more money in my pocket!