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Blue Raspberry Gumballs Available Now!

Jul 04, 2012

Blue Raspberry Gumballs Available Now!
Blue Raspberry Gumballs

Blue Raspberry Gumballs - Click Here To Buy!

Ever wonder how the Blue got in Blue Raspberry Gumballs

The color blue is a rare find among animals and edible plants.  Food scientists had a hard time finding a natural source for blue food coloring, and although a blue dye existed, who would eat blue food?

Thank the popularity of ice pops made famous in the 1960’s and 70’s for finding a way for blue to come into our kitchen. Already, a wide variety of flavors in red existed, you know them, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, and watermelon.  Different shades of red coloring helped tell the ice pops apart, but there wasn’t a safe dye color for raspberry.  Blue dye was just an extra color hanging around with no place to be.  So, they took the flavor of “Whitebark Raspberry,” also known as “Blue Raspberry,” a plant native to western North America, and mixed in the bright Brilliant Blue food coloring.  Even though the blue dye color wasn’t anywhere close to the real-life dark purple color of the fruit, it resolved the confusing issue of so many red flavors and red colors.  Today, when you can see a blue-tongued kid or grownup, you can share this story!