Jelly Belly Bouncing Beans Jelly Bean Dispenser

Jelly Belly Bouncing Beans Jelly Bean Dispenser – Click Here to Buy!

Play Pinball with Jelly Bellies –

What fun you can have with your very own Bouncing Beans Jelly Belly Dispenser. It’s like having a pinball machine with the added advantage that it puts out colorful Jelly Belly candies. When you crank the lever it makes the candies bounce down the chute and hit the turning beans on the front of the machine. It’s so clever, even the top bowl that holds the jelly beans is in the shape of a huge Jelly Belly Bean!

This 8 inch dispenser made by Jelly Belly holds up to 23 ounces of the sweet treat, and includes a one ounce bag to get you started. Need more candy? Check out the Jelly Belly jelly beans by-the-pound or a 3 lb assorted flavor clear can. For only $14.99 plus shipping this dispenser will bring loads of enjoyment to your Christmas parties.