Boy and Girl Mix Vending Tattoos

Boy and Girl Mix Vending Tattoos

New, fun tattoos were on display in our local grocery store vending machines. Our family shops there at least a couple times a week and my kids always go there first to look for the latest toys, candy, gum or sticker and tattoos.

My daughter immediately fell in love with the Girls Mix Vending Tattoos . She saw a red rose, a heart, cherries, big red lips and lots of different colorful butterflies in the mix. Since the tattoos are temporary I know she is going to keep coming back for more till she gets a chance show them all to her girlfriends at school. And, she told me because the butterfly collection is so pretty she wants to get those designs to give to Grandma. She thinks Grandma will like them for her scrapbooking!

Fortunately for my son there was also a new Boys Mix. so he wasn’t left out of the excitement. He thought the flaming skulls, serpents, sharks, tigers and other “manly” designs were very grown up looking.

I took note of the Black Ink Temporary Tattoos . I saw about 10 different designs including a Flaming 8 Ball, Skulls, crosses, serpents, tigers. What impressed me was the quality of the graphics. When you think about it, for only 50 cents you get a really professionally done piece of artwork.

Hmmm. Since these are temporary I think I’ll get one for myself and surprise my family. I wonder who will notice first!