Single Vending Machine - Click Here To Buy!

Single Vending Machine - Click Here To Buy!

Bulk Candy Vending – The Perfect Business Kids Can Start!

Is your wallet always empty because your child is always raiding it because they don’t have a job? In these economic times, it is more difficult for young teens to find lawns to mow, babysitting, or fast food jobs. Wouldn’t it be great if they could find a way to earn money, while at the same time building their self-esteem and self-reliance by starting their own business?

Bulk vending is a perfect solution that can be done part time – which is ideal for students. There are many affordable vending machines that can be great starters for a budding entrepreneur. Take for instance our Barrel Machine Single Stand for $90 plus shipping or our Vending Pro Machine with Cash Drawer for $104 plus shipping.

Each box of our 1” assorted gumballs has 850 gumballs for $25 to vend for .25 cents each and after selling the entire box you will make $212.50! What a return on your money!

By starting off slow and adding machines as you go, your teenager can build themselves quite a lucrative business where they can learn customer service, budgeting, purchasing, and servicing their machines. With each machine they acquire, they can learn AND earn more for their future.