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Buy A Sticker/Tattoo Vending Machine!

Aug 03, 2012

Buy A Sticker/Tattoo Vending Machine!
4 Column Sticker/Tattoo Machine

4 Column Sticker/Tattoo Machine - Click Here To Buy!

Sticker machines are a great way to earn a terrific return on your money.  A 4 column sticker/tattoo machine at takes up only 24 inches of floor space.  The tattoos or stickers that fill the machine cost only 16 cents each!   When you sell them for 50 cents you make a profit of 34 cents on every sticker.  They are usually 300 in a box, so you pocket over $100!   There are plenty of choices to select from such as Marvel Hero Stickers, Night Vision Tattoos, Disney Princess Glitter Tattoos, and many more. has all of these items in stock ready to ship!