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Buy Blueberry Blast 1080 ct. Gumballs

Apr 02, 2012

Buy Blueberry Blast 1080 ct. Gumballs

Blueberry Blast Gumballs 1080 ct.

Blueberry Blast Gumballs 1080 ct. - Click Here To Buy!

Blueberry Blast Beckons

You’ve tasted them in pies, cakes, ice cream, jams, jellies, and muffins. Now the delightful blueberry taste we all love comes in Blueberry Blast Gumballs. has these refreshing gumballs in 15/16 inch, 1080 count cases ready for your machines with 1 inch dispensing wheels. And the best thing is that the cases cost less and the income is more. A perfect combination for vending machine owners with the down turn in the economy.

These OU Kosher certified gumballs vend for 25 cents sell out fast in convenience stores, supermarkets, arcades, pizza parlours, or anywhere young and old visit. During the holidays or anytime they are a perfect way to decorate a dinner table or simply have setting around the house as a beautiful treat/decoration.

These gourmet gumballs have a shelf life of 18 months if they’re not exposed to heat or cold, and offers discounts for multiple case orders.