Neon Color Gumballs 1080 ct.

Neon Color Gumballs 1080 ct. - Click Here To Buy!

Shiney Gumballs Galore

With the holiday season fast approaching is right in the spirit of giving with the introduction of the Neon Color Gumballs. These 15/16” gumballs come in cases of 1080 count. The larger count cases give vending route and machine owners more money for less cost. Just what everyone needs this time of year.

These flashy neon yellow, orange, pink, and green gumballs will look pretty and attract lots of attention in any machine with a 1” vending wheel. These gumballs will make everyone’s mouth happy with the remembrance of summer flavors like lime, banana, cherry, and fruit.

These delights are made by Oak Leaf and of course are OU Kosher certified. Place your orders today from and be sure to ask about the discounts for multiple orders.