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Buy Cone Zone Vending Capsules!

May 09, 2011

Buy Cone Zone Vending Capsules!
Cone Zone Vending Capsules - Click Here To Buy!

Cone Zone Vending Capsules - Click Here To Buy!

Cones for all occasions

We’ve all seen them in the street, on the sidewalks and behind broken down cars and trucks. Invented in about 1914, they’re the loud orange cones that mark danger. Now these safety cones come in capsules called Cone Zone Vending Capsules.

These bright orange, miniature 2” cones have black lettering and are sure to be popular with all kids. All 12 different cones have funny wording on them like Keep Out, Go Away, Private Property, Out of Order, Chaos Ahead, and other classic remarks. Kids can collect all 12 and use them to decorate desks, tables or just share them with friends.

They come ready to fill your machines and vend for 50 cents. Each box comes with 250 capsules, and the perfect spots for these cones are pizza parlors, convenience store or anywhere kids congregate. When you place your order with they’ll tell you about the QuickFlip blister display cards available for these capsules.