Disney Princess Shimmer Stickers

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Princesses on Stickers-

The other day I took my daughter to the local pizza parlor for her birthday party. She had invited 10 girls. Since we planned the party my daughter had looked everywhere for little gifts to give each girl, without luck. When we walk in she saw the vending machines, and of course she had to check them out.

Low and behold she saw the Disney Princess Shimmer Stickers in one of them. And of course any six-year-old loves princesses. My daughter and her friends play the princess video games constantly. So what we did was bought a sticker for each girl, and our problem was solved.

So when the girls arrived my daughter gave each one a sticker and they had a ball trading them back and forth. Some wanted Cinderella, while others either wanted Snow White, Aurora, Jasmine, or one of the other pretty princesses. Ultimately they all got the sticker they liked the best.

One of the mothers said she had seen the stickers at candymachines.com , so now I know where to go when I need a present for my daughter’s next party. Thanks for the perfect gift!