Rainblo Gumballs - 53 oz. Jar

Rainblo Gumballs – 53 oz. Jar – Click Here to Buy!

I am nostalgic when I see gumballs.  My first was a cherry red Rain-Blo , I got it as a reward from a gumball bank my teacher kept on her desk. I was a very good student after that.

Rain-Blo bubble gum was introduced in 1940.  It was the first gumball with fruity flavors that matched the color of the coating.  Unlike other gumballs of that era, Rain-Blo featured a hollow center.

The 1/2 inch size makes these gumballs perfect for refilling Gumball Banks & Dispensers.

Candymachines.com offers a fun jar full of an assortment of colorful fruity gumballs. They come in white, pink, yellow, orange, blue, green, and – my favorite – red.  Each 53 oz. jar contains approximately 680 gumballs.  Make sure to check out their full line of gumballs for other fun flavors!