Mouth Full Giant Gumballs

Mouth Full Giant Gumballs – Click Here To Buy!

Super-Sized Gumballs
Have you seen these giant gumballs? They are 2 inches in diameter! And to make them even better, they come filled with candy in the middle!! They are called Mouth Full Giant Gumballs and you can buy them by the case at . They come in 7 flavors that include Tutti Frutti, Banana, Orange, Cherry, Watermelon and Grape. Another enormous gumball to try is the Colossal Fruit Gumballs in the shape of fruits. They come in 6 fruit shapes such as lemon, orange, apple, strawberry, watermelon and grape there are 138 gumballs in a case. Both of these gumballs are a great idea for a birthday party treat bag, a teacher’s treasure chest (only to be chewed off-campus of course), as a 50 cent vend in your SuperPro 2” Vending Machine or just to satisfy your own sweet tooth. Both of these gumballs and the SuperPro 2” Vending Machine can be found at .