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Buy South Park Buildables!

Dec 14, 2012

Buy South Park Buildables!
South Park Buildables Vending Capsules

South Park Buildables Vending Capsules - Click Here To Buy!

Looking for something to vend for the older kids? South Park is an animated sitcom intended for mature audiences. The show has become famous for its crude language and satire of world happenings. The ongoing show revolves around four boys and their friends in a small Colorado town. now has South Park Buildables available to vend in your Tomy Machines.  They can also vend in any other toy capsule vending machine that has a 2 inch dispensing wheel.

Each self-vending head pops open like a traditional vending capsule but has a body inside, turning the head into a colorful full bodied figurine with a swivel head. There are 7 funny South Park characters to collect. Characters included Stan, Kyle, Eric, Kenny, Token, Butters & Wendy. Teens will want to collect all 7!

This bulk vending item comes with 250 self-vending toys and a paper display card. They are intended for $1 vend.