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Buzzards Sour Jawbreakers to Vend!

Apr 09, 2015

Buzzards Sour Jawbreakers to Vend!
Buzzards Sour Jawbreakers

Buzzards Sour Jawbreakers – Click Here to Buy!

Looking for something different to vend in your gumball machine other than gumballs? Try these Buzzards Sour Jawbreakers that is offering! They have a great sour candy center. It’s so sour it will knock your socks off! This will be great for kids and teens that seem to like the more sour the better. These jawbreakers come in 5 different speckled colors and great flavors like Tutti Fruit (White), Ice Cream (Cream), Orange (Orange), Strawberry (Pink), and Lemon Lime (Green). These multi-colored jawbreakers come approximately 600 pieces to a case and in one of our larger sizes, 1 3/16” which make them extra-long lasting. They are made by Oak Leaf and Kosher certified.