3-Head Select Vending Machine

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Perfect Metal Machine

You can’t miss with this bright red 3-Head Select Vending Machine. Its chrome trim is a stand-out at any location. This all metal machine and stand offers unlimited opportunities to sell the treats everyone wants in the machine’s 3 compartments.

If your customers want toys, no problem, it vends 1” Super Bouncy Balls, if they want a jawbreaker, it vends 1” jawbreakers, if they want gum, candy, 1” gumballs, or 1” and 2” capsules filled with goodies, it vends them too and more. Actually the machine holds pounds and pounds of products and is so easy to fill.

You can’t go wrong with the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on the coin mechanism when it’s used under normal working conditions and ordinary wear and tear. And best of all you can order the dispensing wheel to match the size and product you want to vend.
Now is the perfect time to get your hands on this remarkable machine because candymachines.com has them on sale now until October 31st. Remember to order your gumballs, jawbreakers, candy, capsules and Super Bouncy Balls when you order your machines.