Sweet Revenge Candy - Click Here To Buy!

Sweet Revenge Candy - Click Here To Buy!

We have some great candy on sale this month at candymachines.com.  Let me tell you a little bit about what we have.

We have our Nerds Rope Very Berry.  These are so delicious and kids love them.  They have a soft gummy middle and are covered in tiny tangy nerds.  You can choose 24 individually wrapped packages in a display box or 12 individual.

A fun way to brighten up your machine is with our Sweet Revenge Candy.  These treats have a sweet fruit flavor on the outside and then a different tangy fruit flavor on the inside! Brilliantly bright colored coatings on the outside will draw attention to a lot of customers.

So,  one of my favorite candies is the jawbreaker because it lasts for a really long time and they taste so good.  Boulder Breaker Jawbreakers are one of our largest sizes ever which makes them extra long lasting.  They are 2 ¼” in diameter and come in a case of 85

One of our most popular jawbreakers is the Time Bomb Jawbreakers.  The reason for this is because they are easy to vend and they are fruity flavored.  These vend with a 1” gumball wheel and come in a case count of 850.

Cute little creatures always seem to be an attraction, so why not vend cute little fishes?  Aquarium Fish Candy will make a great catch in vending location.  They are shaped to resemble little fish with their scales, fins, and faces and are brightly colored to grab everyone’s attention.

Neon Stars Bulk Candy is a simple yet tasty way to fill up those machines.  These pressed powder candies are made for vending in candy machines and come in case of 12,375.  A sweet treat that anyone, young and old, will enjoy.

Willy Wonka sure did it big with Runts Candy!  These crunchy fruit flavored candies are so good and so popular; you’ll have no problem selling these! With flavors like Green Apple, Grape, Strawberry, Orange, and Banana it’s no wonder why these little “runts” are so desirable.