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Celebrate With Vending Gumballs!

Jul 03, 2012

Celebrate With Vending Gumballs!
Camouflage Gumballs

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Military Homecoming Ideas

If you have a loved one coming back from war and want to throw him a party I am going to tell you what I did for my husband. As a center piece for the tables I got a clear vase and I filled them up with our RED, WHITE AND BLUE GUMBALL MIX.  It made each table look very patriotic.

I also made little bags for the parting gift. I tied them with a green ribbon, and inside I put 4 of our CAMOUFLAGE GUMBALLS which look like his marines desert camis and it had a note saying Thank you for Coming.
If you want to show your love to that special someone who served our country this is a great idea to make your party look nice plus they taste delicious.