What’s the difference between offering commission to the business or profits to charity?

“Should I give the store a commission or should I give it to charity?” We get asked this a lot at candymachines.com and the answer is it is really a matter of preference and what will get you the location.

There are a few national charities that will allow you to purchase a sticker and place it on your machines for a nominal fee each month. This is a great ice breaker for some businesses. If you walk in and say part of the proceeds go to the American Lung Association can I place my machine, many of the business owners are ok with that and only that.

Or, show your community spirit by donating some of the proceeds to a local organization like an animal shelter or the high school band. Many businesses and their customers will appreciate the show of support within your community.

However, there are some store owners that still want to know “what’s in it for me”. In that case you will most likely need to set that account up as a commission account. You would give a commission directly to the location owner for letting them put your machines there and you decide how much is fair. The normal commission is 10% – 20% of the profits.

Remember that this is your vending business. You need to be able to make money for yourself as well. We are here for you at candymachines.com and are excited to be part of your sweet success.