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Cotton Candy Machines now available!

Oct 19, 2014

Cotton Candy Machines now available!
Spin Magic Cotton Candy Machine - w/ Metal Bowl

Spin Magic Cotton Candy Machine – w/ Metal Bowl – Click Here to Buy!

I Smell Cotton Candy!

Growing up I LOVED the summer carnivals we would have in my little town. All of the local clubs got together and would have booths set up where they would sell food and drinks to raise money. While my grandfather’s lemonade booth was my favorite a close second was the cotton candy booth! I would love watching them turn on that machine and the color would just start coming out of this thing in the most beautiful fluffy streams. I was hooked! That image has stayed with me forever. now sells cotton candy machines! Yep! You can use these machines at your school carnivals, church bazars or even at your kids (ok yours too) birthday party! They have everything from the machines with a cart or machines without a cart to the cotton candy floss and the paper cones to hold it on. Check it out.

P.S. If the machine isn’t your style but the taste is, they have cotton candy bulk candy and sour cotton candy gumballs!