Giant PEZ Santa Claus w/ Music

Giant PEZ Santa Claus w/ Music – Click Here to Buy!

The Holidays have come and gone, and now has a large supply of Red, Green and White deliciously pressed candies left over. That must mean it’s time for some closeout deals!

The candies come in the shape of Frosty’s Forest , Christmas Trees , and Christmas Bells . The outer candy is a bright, shiny hard shell with a fruit flavored candy inside. They are perfect for holiday parties and get-togethers. Stock up now for next season. has a variety of other Red, White and Green candies. My favorite is Boston Beans Color Mix. Not only are they delicious, but they can be used for other celebrations such as Cinco De Mayo.

Sixlets Chocolate Candy Green & Red Mix,

M&M’s Holiday Red & Green Plain Candies – 3.5 lb. Bag, and

M&M’s Holiday Red & Green Peanut Candies – 3.5 lb. Bag are also among the list of many great deals, as well as some gumball banks and other great items. Be sure to check them all out!