Lil' Whirler Designer Gumball Machine

Lil' Whirler Designer Gumball Machine - Click Here To Buy!

Pink is Beautiful

What’s pink, cute, and can make you money? It’s the Lil’ Whirler Designer Gumball Machine. This machine attracts attention which makes you look good. At the same time it gives your customers an opportunity to indulge in great goodies like Jawbreakers, Sweet Revenge Candy, Gumballs, Round Capsules, or Super Bouncy Balls.

This Whirler can easily fit on a counter top or, by adding legs at an additional cost, it can stand on the floor. It’s a perfect fit in convenience stores, pizza parlors, waiting rooms, or just about in any location. It holds 450 1 inch treats and vends for 25 cents, and best of all its American made.

This machine comes designed in either pink camo or pink polka dot. It is light weight and includes a limited warranty. Order this great machine at While you’re there be sure to check out the huge variety of other vending machines in stock.