X-Treme Vending Capsules - Click Here To Buy!

X-Treme Vending Capsules - Click Here To Buy!

New Premium Quality Toy Mix


Candymachines.com now has some exciting new capsules for your vending machines.
They are the X-Treme Vending Capsules For Sale and they’re filled with top-of-the-line quality toys that older boys and girls will want.

There are 10 different toys in this 2” mix. Among the quality products are an MP3 Player, LCD Palm Game, FM Radio and Light, Laser Pointer, Digital Photo Frame, Girl’s Bling Watch and even a Hops in the Sun solar powered Grasshopper! 

These ten items are a fantastic added attraction to your bulk vending machine. And there’s no doubt every kid is going to want to try and get at least one of them! You might want to think about mixing these in with slower moving vending items for a boost in sales in all your toy vending machines with a 2” vending wheel.  A display card featuring these premium toys is also available.

Or, this top quality premium mix is great for party favors, especially for teenagers.