5' Deluxe Whirler Gumball Machine

5′ Deluxe Whirler Gumball Machine – Click Here to Buy!

One of the benefits of bulk vending machines is the ability to move them around to locations very quickly and easily. The toy, candy and gumball bulk vending machines are fairly simple to move. This makes it easy for you as the owner of the machine, but it could also be easy for a thief such as the one recently caught in New York for stealing over 100 machines. http://nypost.com/2015/02/19/cops-catch-sticky-fingered-gumball-bandit/

Here at candymachines.com we have a few ideas that could help to deter a bandit.

  1. Make sure that your locations know you and how to get in touch with you.

It’s easy as a route operator to just run in and service the machine and leave. After all, one of the lures of this business is the ability to do it quickly. It maybe even one of the selling points you used to get into the location. However, people do like some small pleasantries and if you make a point every time you come into a location to smile, say hello to the employees and give them a gumball from time to time, they will start looking out for you and your machines.


  1. Utilize the false bottom feature on many of the big machines.

Our larger Whirler machines have a false bottom on them. You can remove that bottom and place a large sand bag or rocks. This will make the machine heavier and harder to move should someone think that is an option for them.  This not only will deter any thieves but it will also help to ease the mind of owners and parents that you have a secure machine that shouldn’t tip over when a child uses it.


  1. Secure your machines to the wall with an eye hook.

Many places, especially if it is your actual store front, will allow you to install an eye hook into a very low spot on the wall. You can then in turn secure your machine to the hook with a bicycle chain or bungee.


  1. Service your machines more often.

If you are servicing your machine more often you are getting the money out of it quicker. If you are there more often, the employees will begin to recognize you (See tip 1)


  1. Make sure to put your name and phone number on your machines.

This seems like it is a no brainer but you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget. Pick a small spot on the back or inside of the machine and sticker or tape on your contact information.  Then take a picture for your records and proof that it obviously belongs to you.  This way if the machine is stolen and found it can be easily returned.

Hopefully these ideas will help and inspire you on how to better secure your machines.