My sister told me about these little bright red gumball banks she ordered for her kids online from . So for Christmas my dad bought one for our 4-year-old daughter.

It came full of white, orange, pink, yellow and green gumballs, and it is the perfect size for her little fingers. Dad gave her some coins too, and we had so much fun watching her. She gets really serious when she puts the coin in the slot and slides the handle, then suddenly she screams with delight every time a gumball drops down the chute. Now she has us all playing a guessing game of which color gumball will come down the chute next.

I like the fact that it is safe for her because it is made of a heavy plastic, not glass, and also it is made in the U.S.A.

Dad said when we run out of gumballs we can order more from and that they even carry Sugar Free gumballs. I see on their website that when my daughter gets older we have lots of bigger gumball banks to choose from!