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Gumball Specials For May

May 15, 2010

Gumball Specials For May
Xtreme Grape Filled Gumballs - Click Here To Buy!

Xtreme Grape Filled Gumballs - Click Here To Buy!

Spring is here and summer is following right behind. What a great time to fill up those gumball machines. At we have a variety of gumballs on sale this month.
Smiles Assorted Gumballs are a great way to brighten anyone’s day. These gumballs come in an array of colors and have different types of smiling faces printed on them.
A favorite pastime beverage, now a great tasting gumball. Kicked-Up Lemonade Gumballs are sure to be a big hit, especially during the summertime with their unique sour/sweet flavor.
Looking for gumballs with a bright color that will just make your machine pop? Well here they are! Xtreme Grape Filled Gumballs. Grape hard shell on the outside and grape powder on the inside. Like a grape flavor explosion! Can’t get any better then that.
Sunshine Strawberry Gumballs. These gumballs are packed full of flavor, your mouth will be watering from the first bite. They come in the color red which will catch everyone’s eye.
Sugar candy coating and a fruity flavor. We have our Sprinkles Tub of Gumballs on sale this month. These gumballs are so yummy and very irresistible.
A gumball with a flavor that will cool you down on a hot summer day. Strawberry Banana Gumballs have the same delicious taste of a smoothie.