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Half & Half Fruits Gumballs Available Now!

Mar 02, 2012

Half & Half Fruits Gumballs Available Now!

Half & Half Fruits Gumballs 1080 ct.

Half & Half Fruits Gumballs 1080 ct. - Click Here To Buy!

Variety is the Spice of Life

Generally gumballs come in one flavor which is just great. But the 15/16 inch Half & Half Fruits Gumballs go a step further and really spice up the mix with two different flavors in each gumball.

There are five different bubble gum options all with two exciting flavors each. Your customers may get the banana/strawberry, the orange/tutti fruitti, the banana/apple, the raspberry/grape, or the apple/pina colada. You know they’ll want to try all five and you’re going to be busy refilling your machines.

These gumballs come in 1080 count cases which makes you more money per case than the 850 count cases with 1 inch gumballs.  Plus they vend perfectly in your gumball and toy capsule machines with 1 inch dispensing wheels. Need more machines? Check out the large variety of machines and 15/16 inch 1080 count gumballs offered by