Harley Davidson Keychains Vending Capsules

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New Harley Keychains

They’re fast, furious, and famous for being associated with hard core biker clubs, now the Harley Davidson Motorcycle’s logo and other Harley representations are captured on the Harley Davidson Keychains Vending Capsules.

Since 1904 when the first motorcycle was assembled in a shed behind Arthur Davidson’s home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Harleys have become the motorcycle of choice not only for gangs, but also for police departments and the U.S. Army.

Candymachines.com  now has these 2 inch Harley keychains in 250 assorted count capsules ready to put in your machines with 2 inch vending wheels. The keychains are perfect for backpacks, zippers, and keys, and kids of all ages will want to collect all 13 different styles.