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Holiday Themed Candy from!

Nov 30, 2015

Holiday Themed Candy from!
Red White Green Mix Mini Jawbreakers

Red White Green Mix Mini Jawbreakers – Click Here to Buy!

Holiday Candies Galore

If you haven’t noticed, the holidays are fast approaching and the most recognized colors for this time of year are red, white and green. Each color is a symbol from western/northern European traditions and customs.


Green symbolizes the Christmas tree, red the holly berries, and white the snow. These colors have brighten up homes for centuries during the long dark winters. The Red White Green Mix Mini Jawbreakers from will also brighten any candy machine. And don’t forget, these great colors are also perfect for Mexican parties.


The fruit flavored candy comes in cases of over 52,000 pieces. And if stored away from extreme heat or cold will last up to 18 months. also handles a full line of machines at candy vending