5' Spiral Gumball Machine

5′ Spiral Gumball Machine – Click Here To Buy!

Looking to add some extra cash to your wallet? Starting a bulk candy vending business is a great way to do that. Unlike the larger snack and soda vending machine businesses, you can purchase a single machine for around $150. Bulk candy machines are also very easy to repair and service yourself. Once you understand how your machine is assembled, you can apply your knowledge to other machines – as they are all very similar in working parts. Then all you need to do is make a decision of where you want to place your machines. Here are 4 easy steps to follow when starting your business:

•  Make a list of potential high traffic retail locations, including automobile service places, salons, restaurants and even business offices. Keep in mind that you want to stick with places where people wait for a period of time, or workers take breaks.

•  Make appointments with the owners of businesses you are targeting and bring along the actual machine you are wishing to place in their establishment and have it ready to go. Or, if you don’t have your machine yet, bring a portfolio of the machines you want to place with them so they can see them. You will also need to negotiate a percentage to pay them for using their floor space. The average going rate is anywhere from 20-25% of your “net profits.”

•  Know your target location and the clientele it services. In a machine in a pub or bar Triple Mint Refresh Gum Tabs or candy coated Boston Beans Peanuts are most likely will sell better to adults rather than traditional bubble gum. The same goes for a candy machine at a child’s haircut store, Ice Cream Cone Candy is a better selection than an adult type! The key is KNOW YOUR CLIENTELE.

•  Service your machines as often as required and make sure the machines are cleaned during each visit. Clean machines are more appealing to the public and will get more use.

You can also find all your bulk candy vending needs at www.candymachines.com .