Advantages of Bulk Vending

The perfect vending business is one where life is gentle and the income is high. It is one with few complaints and no demands for instant response. It is one where the return on investment is high, and you get maximum dollars out of each machine at each service.

Bulk vending is the only vending business that has these wonderful characteristics. Other kinds of vending require being available for frequent 24-hour repair calls, the constant moving of expensive heavy equipment, and very frequent refill service, due not to being sold out, but because of the short shelf life of the products. In the bulk candy and gum business service calls are rare and can almost always be easily taken care of at the next regularly scheduled call.

Bulk machines have only a tiny percentage of the coin problems encountered in other machines and the pricing can easily be changed. Bulk machines are relatively inexpensive, require no special equipment and are very easy to move and install.

Last, but most important, bulk machine products stay fresh until it is time to service the machine – because it is full of money!  This means you get the maximum possible income per service call.

Add in bulk vending’s much higher profit margin and you have the highest return on investment possible from a vending machine. In other words, if two different people each invested $75,000 in vending machines the one who invested in large vending machines will work harder, have more service problems and a lot more maintenance.

In contrast, the person who invested in the vending machines will have a much quieter phone, a lot less stress, and a much greater net profit.