Use a Locator or Find Your Own Sites 

Just buying vending machines does not equal income-producing power. Income producing power comes from getting your machines on location and then keeping your machines on location. Businesses fail, change ownership, move, merge, remodel, etc. You will always want new customers. Find new customers by going door to door through local businesses, talking to decision makers who are willing to have vending machines.

Although many operators use locating services, be cautious of dependence on locators for the success of your business. A locator can help you get machines placed, but whoever fills the machines needs to know how to acquire replacement locations. Otherwise, your machines may eventually end up in storage.

Some ways to find good locators are to ask vending suppliers, look for ads, or search on the Internet.  Ask for references and check them out. Good locators stay booked up weeks in advance so be prepared to work with their schedule. Be advised, when working with a locator you need to understand the reality of the locator’s market place. Good locators have many vendors wanting to buy their time. Consequently, they only work with the vendors they like.

Finally, find the time to spend at least one day working with the locator as part of your education to learn how locating is done. You will find getting your own new customers is simple work that anyone can do.