How to Get Your Own Locations

Getting new customers is simple. You go door to door to every business on a street. Make your visiting fun! You will be most effective if you take a 15-minute break every hour. Make your first call at 9AM and your last call at 5PM. Take an hour for lunch, from 12:30-1:30. Take time to enjoy meeting people and looking at all the fun stuff they sell. Enjoy yourself. Some of the people you meet will be having bad days — don’t take their rudeness to heart. Remember. you get what you ask for, so ask for what you want! First, you want to speak with the owner or manager. Second, you want permission to put in a machine.

The secret words are:  “Will it be alright for me to place a gumball/candy machine here” They will say “OK,” “No,” or ask a question. Over the long haul you will get a “Yes” every 15-25 doors.

When you are asked to pick up a machine never bring it back to storage. Carry it to the neighboring businesses until you find it a new home. If they say “No room”, ask, “What will I have to do to get you to want to find room?”  If they say, “We already have a machine,” ask, “Would you like more variety?”  If they say ‘We had one, but it didn’t work out,” then you ask, “What was the issue?”

Ask lots of questions and then decide what incentive to offer. Some examples are: a 30-day trial, revenue sharing, or helping a charity. The key to making the sale is to ask mostly questions and never stop visiting potential customers. As you work, you will hear a vast number of “No’s,” but the occasional “Yes” will produce income for years.

Everything is difficult before it gets easy. Re-solicit every six months because the prospects business is always changing. Once you find the way to make visiting prospective customers fun you will never struggle financially again!