Kung Fu Panda Mini Tattoos Vending Capsules

Kung Fu Panda Mini Tattoos Vending Capsules – Click Here to Buy!

The Popular Movie Kung Fu Panda has come out with a Kung Fu Panda Mini Tattoo that you can vend in a 2” Capsule. The temporary tattoos come in action-packed poses of Po and his wildly funny friends. The Capsules comes pre-filled for you convenience and is designed to vend for 50 cents.

The acorn capsules come in a bag of 250 ct with 12 different poses; collect all 12 poses for temporary tattoo fun. For an added value and a more attention, purchase the vending display card with colorful images of the tattoos.

These tattoos are sure to bring many hours of fun and excitement to any child. The peace and tranquility Po brings to the movie theater will definitely translate on the arms of many children.

Contact CandyMachines.com and place your order today for the 2” Kung Fu Panda temporary tattoos and other Refill supply’s for your vending machines. 800-853-3941.