Hannah Montana 2 Vending Stickers - Click Here to Buy

Hannah Montana 2 Vending Stickers - Click Here to Buy

With the economy in a downward swing vending machine owners need to keep a constant eye on what’s selling and what’s not.

It’s a proven fact that the sale of licensed goods continues to grow for the bulk vending industry. There are several reasons why licensed products are selling starting with consumer exposure. That exposure is triggered by promotions, marketing, and advertising that goes along with say the opening of a Hanna Montana movie

Film and marketing companies generally spend millions of dollars on promotional campaigns and that exposure trickles down to the licensed merchandise that relates to the movie or special event.

Another plus for licensed products is the familiarity factor. Now that consumers are counting pennies when it comes to unnecessary items they look for well known name brands for the products they buy first. And they will buy the brand names that they can relate to.

When you’re out rounding up new accounts, offering brand names to business owners proves to help with the resistance factor you sometimes come across when asking for a spot in their business.

Also choosing machine locations based on demographics is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Your sales will increase significantly if you know who you’re appealing to and where they visit most often.

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