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Money Saving October Specials!

Oct 05, 2011

Money Saving October Specials!
Bloody Bones Candy

Bloody Bones Candy - Click Here To Buy!

October, 2011 is the 25 th annual recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and with that in mind, has taken the opportunity to offer great savings on some of the “think pink” products.

Let’s start off with the Think Pink Vending Stickers , the Pink Gumballs , Dubble Bubble Original 1928 Gum Tabs , and America’s 1928 original Pink Gumballs with the Dubble Bubble logo . Right along with the pink theme, check out the Pink Gumball Candy-Snack Dispenser.

With trick or treaters about to come-a-knocking it’s time to gather goodies for Halloween. is ready for the occasion with special prices on scary treats like Bloody Skulls Candy , Skull and Bones Bulk Candy, Kaboom Jawbreakers , and Bloody Bones Candy . For vending machines or to hand out at carnivals or parties, think about our Pirate Rings in toy vending capsules.

For the more subdued Halloween goodies, order some Mango Grove Gumballs , Nerds Rope Original, the Flower Power Candy, the Very Cherry Filled Gumballs, and Fall colored Brown Gumballs or the Apple Cinnamon Gumballs.

The World Series is just around the corner, so why not consider offering the baseball themed White Baseball – Tub of Gumballs , the Gumballs by the Pound – White Baseballs , or the Home Run White Baseball Gumballs . While the 2011/12 NFL season is just starting, the NFL Football 45mm Vending Bouncy Balls are going to be a favorite with all ages.

Need a new machine? Just in time to go along with the October specials, is offering outrageous discounts on the Sports Fan Gumball Machine – Baseball , the 4′ Whirler Gumball Machine , the Tractor Time Crane , and the 3-Head Select Vending Machine – All Metal.

While you’re placing your order at , be sure to look at all the other great candy products and machines they offer.