Bone Chillers Vending Capsules - Click Here to Buy

Bone Chillers Vending Capsules - Click Here to Buy

Halloween is coming and now you can select from a wide variety of new capsules that will make safe treats for children of all ages.

Trick or treaters will have fun with the 2” Bone Chillers Vending Capsules. They can trick the houses they go to October 31st, just before they get a treat with these eight chilling capsules. There’s everything from the Grim Reaper, skeletons, gargoyles and skulls. But the most fun are the eight glow in the dark gothic skull and gargoyle figurines. These capsules vend for 50 cents and the new QuickFlip display card is available for your machines.

For the boys there are the brightly colored 2” Zip Cars Vending Capsules. The best thing about these NASCAR-like race cars is that the kids can actually race them. They come with a key that you insert into the car, then squeeze the key, and the cars zip around the room, no race track needed.

Necklaces are a girl’s best friend, after diamonds of course. And has 2” Lucky Charmed Necklaces Vending Capsules for every girl on the block. The gold plated charms include horseshoes, stars, anchors, serpents, and six other favorites. Even boys will be charmed with these lucky necklaces around their necks.

The latest in pencil erasers are the 2” Sugar Shack Erasers Vending Capsules. They’ll keep papers free of errors while getting the kids ready for a treat. Donuts, ice cream cones, strawberry covered cake and cheese cake are just some of the 15 different eraser goodies

Another new series are the colorful 2” Bok Choy Boy Vending Capsules. Each figurine has a Chinese symbol and earth sign that goes along with peace, fire, luck, love, moon, sky and more. The 12 red, blue, green, orange and red boys are made of vinyl for durability. These capsules vend for 50 cents.

All of the capsules come in 250 count and display cards are available for all of them. Place your orders early from while supplies last.