Voodoo Doll Vending Capsules - Click Here To Buy!

Voodoo Doll Vending Capsules - Click Here To Buy!

The Magic and Myth of Voodoo Dolls

Voodoo or Vodou has been a religion in many countries around the world for centuries.
Today Voodoo is still practiced in many countries, including the United States.

Although it has come to be associated in popular culture with the lore of Satanism and zombies it’s really not the case. Instead the practice of sticking pins in Voodoo dolls comes from folk magic from long ago, and has been expanded largely through horror movies and popular novels. Actually voodoo dolls show respect for the dead and are a protection again evil witchcraft.

The Voodoo Dolls Vending Capsules For Sale or string dolls have the flavor of the religion but with the fun of unique dolls. The dolls come in several colors including yellow, green and black and each doll has an addition to their outfit like caps, headbands and hearts.

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