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Nostalgic Candy Bars History –
Rocky Road . The history of the Rocky Road candy bar is attributed to the Annabelle Candy Company. It was invented by Sam Altshuler, a Russian immigrant came to the United States in 1917 and settled in San Francisco, California. After many years of learning to make candy, he developed the popular Rocky Road candy bar and named his business the Annabelle Candy Company, after his daughter. After Mr. Altshuler passed away in 1971, his daughter purchased the Golden Nugget Candy Company in San Francisco, the makers of Big Hunk and Look candy bars. And in 1978 Annabelle acquired the company that made U-No and Abba Zaba . All of these candy bars along with the Rocky Road , are still made by Annabelle Candy Company in their Hayward, California factory to this day. Bring a little bit of nostalgia back into your special person’s day and visit where you can find all of these nostalgic candy bars.