Angry Birds Vending Stickers

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Birds with a Purpose

One of the most popular strategy puzzle video games comes alive with the Angry Birds Vending Stickers. Since 2009 Angry Birds has combined a comical style at a low price to make it one of the best-selling games for many electronic devices.

These many flashy colored, wingless, and legless birds use slingshots to launch birds at green pigs who have taken their eggs.

Now kids can get stickers for each of the characters in the game, all 20 of the different birds. Each folder holds two of the characters. These stickers come in a 300 count box, and are individually packaged in a cardboard folder. They vend in most standard sticker or tattoo flat vending machines. Each column of your machine takes 300 stickers so be sure to order enough to fill your machine. Ask about the brightly colored display card that goes along with the stickers.